Bruno Godbout, NYC. Photo Credit: Maryse Gendron


From an early age, Bruno follows his father on weekends, camera in hand, with or without film, for photo experiments. Often to try out equipment designed by himself in the workshop of the house. Thereafter, he enrolled in all the activities of photography and thus benefits to the maximum of the darkroom time of the college and the university.


During his training in graphic arts, he discovered the possibilities of computer-assisted art and from this day on, computer science will be an integral part of his existence. After a university education in design and art history, he worked for several years in desktop publishing. Attracted to digital photography in the mid-90s, he eventually converted to this new medium in early 2000. After a few years of incursion into the motorsport photography, he returned to his first loves of urban exploration, Doo-Wop architecture and American deserts.

Artistic Approach

Bruno Godbout spent the last 15 years to capture the atmospheres of the American Southwest. Abandoned motels in the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and northern California to Venice Beach and Los Angeles.


Fascinated by the contrast between metropolises and deserts, but above all by the similarities between these two universes, which are at first diametrically opposed, he tackles photography of objects and places in the manner of a portrait artist, emotion in inanimate things.

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